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The Residences At Carnevale Plaza is located on Nassau Street which is designated on the National Register as the Kings Highway Historical District.   The Kings Highway was the first road in central New Jersey established in the early 1700's  under order by Charles II of England  to connect Boston with Charleston.  


Princeton University's Athletic Association, established in 1890, was one of early owners of 255 Nassau Street until the early 1900’s. 

The first building erected on the site was built in 1929 by Arthur Turney to house one of the first Dodge dealerships in the country.   Turney Motor Co. brought the newly popular automobile to the then rural area of Princeton.

DODGE-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service TURNEY MOTOR CO. 255 Nassau St. — Tel. 2070

The Carnevale brothers, Ecorle (Henry) and Luigi (Lou)  Carnevale bought the 255 Nassau Street from Turney's son-in-law in 1981 with the intention of moving the Annex Restaurant to the location.  As background, the brothers who were from Pettoranello Italy, purchased the Annex  in 1948 which was located at 128 Nassau and ran the landmark restaurant in Princeton for more than three decades.  The Annex was popular, especially with locals, in equal measure as a place to meet for a drink, enjoy good conversation, excellent food.  

Plans changed and the Carnevale brothers decided to keep the Annex in it’s well known location and instead leased the property at 255 Nassau street to Davidson's Market, previously located at 172 Nassau Street for 29 years.  Little did Lou Carnevale anticipate that his hard work would turn the tables and he would become the landlord for Davidson’s, the company he bagged groceries for as a teen.  


The building was reconstructed and enlarged to house what became Princeton’s premier grocery store with an onsite butcher and bakery.   After decades of operating as the primary grocery store in Princeton, in 2010 it was determined the site and building configuration were no longer suited for this use and the Carnevale’s began the process of planning to reconstruct site. 

The new vision for the site included a world-class luxury residences with amenities designed for the comfort and convenient lifestyle of living in a vibrant downtown Princeton location with a full service TD Bank and Wealth Center, and Bon Appetite on the European style plaza, serving gourmet coffees, pastries, and delicacies. 

The vision for the property was developed and constructed by ROI Property Development, led by Linda Fahmie, who managed the process from concept to completion.   The initial design was produced by the late Hugh Connolly, AIA and completed by the project team with special thanks to Lawrence Murphy, PE, Rosalind Westlake, Esq., and Alfredo Trevino, AIA. 



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