The Residences At Carnevale Plaza
255 Nassau Street, 
Princeton, NJ 08540      609 477-6577
Hours: by appointment - call now!



“Carnevale Plaza is the perfect setup for empty nesters like us.  The transition was smooth and actually enjoyable with the help of Beth Inglesby, a wonderful design consultant who helped us place furniture, choose colors, and hang art-work making our apartment a truly beautiful home!   New residents at Carnevale Plaza are offered a complimentary consultation with Beth.  She is incredibly talented and efficient, as well as a joy to work with."  



“If you are looking for a place to live in Princeton, we highly recommend Carnevale Plaza.  It's an awesome location, convenient to everything in town.  It's really a welcoming place and a great apartment for children.”
                                                                              -Thomas DHarte

 "Linda, this is some place you have here!"
                                                                                                  -Jack DHarte, 6 years old

"My favorite thing about living here at Carnevale Plaza is being able to walk to the cupcake shop!"

                                                              -Mark DHarte, 4.5 years old

The DHarte Family

Lobby furnished .jpg

"Everyone related to the Residences at Carnevale Plaza has been extremely friendly and professional. Please know that you are running a truly professiojnal organization and you should be proud of both the structure and your staff."

William and Karen Chast